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Sterling Silver Tree in Sponge Coral

Sponge Coral454 Shell Leaves453 Butterfly in Bone451
Flower Pair450 Shell Flower449 Sponge Coral with Sterling Silver447
Shell Collage443 Shivalite in Turquoise Grain442 Black Shell Spider Web441
Shivalite in Wood Grain439 Shivalite Geometery437 Black Shell Swirl435
Black Shell430 Shell with Gemstones428 Marcasite Chakra423
Abalone and Filigree Silver419 Another Lava Wonder416 Lava Drop415
Lava414 Om Duo in Bone412 Lapis and Fish Duo411
Turquoise Beauty410 Lapis with Hunting Scene409 Tibetan Om-Turquoise and Coral408
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