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Bells and Whistles in Silver

All Silver98 Fossils and Agate91 Blue Topaz67
Black Onyx36 Red Jaspar and Turquoise22 Sun Burst in Red Jaspar21
Ethnic pieces from Nepal2 Om in Enamel and Silver265 Filigree Silver in Gold Stone266
Mother of Pearl in Silver and Gold272 Tribal pendant with bells273 Marcasite in Onyx and Turquoise274
Fossils in Silver and Amethyst275 Afghani pendant in Lapis and Turquoise276 Buddha in Agate277
Silver Burst279 Suns in Pure Silver280 Zebra Stripes in Mother of Pearl282
Afghani pieces283 Tiger Tooth in Filigreed Silver284 Tiger Eye Moon Lady285
Moon Lady in Onyx286 Ethnic Lion Face in Silver292 Butterfly and Rose in Abalone293
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